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Scat's Rotating Assemblies for Fords

Scat's Rotating Assemblies for Fords. Kit Includes, crank, rods, pistons, rings and bearings.

Most Feature

  • Scat's 9000 series Pro-Comp crankshafts 
  • Scat connecting rods
  • Clevite bearings or Federal Mogul bearings
  • Moly coated Rings (most hypereutectic pistons come with a non-coated ring set)
  • Kieth Black SRP or Seal Power Pistons

Note: These kits are not balanced assemblies, balancing is
strongly recommended for maximum performance and engine

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Scat Crankshafts

Part #: 1-94055

SB Ford 331 Scat Rotating Assembly Kit 3.250 Stroke 5.400 Rods 9.7:1 Forged Flat Top Pistons
Price: $1,180.31

Part #: 1-94310

You must use 28oz balancer Crank Stroke is 4.000" Bore is 4.030 Pistons are Forged flat top and rods are 6.200" in length.
Price: $1,712.28

Part #: 1-94620

Ford FE 390 Stock Kit, Crank Stroke is 3.980" Bore is 4.080 Pistons are Forged flat top and rods are 6.490" in length. Externally balanced
Price: $1,948.83