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Cylinder Heads, Edelbrock Pro-Port

Cylinder Heads Edelbrock Pro-Port
These unported versions of race-winning Edelbrock Victor Series CNC heads are designed specifically for the professional cylinder head porter and engine builder. Like all other Edelbrock Cylinder heads, Edelbrock Pro-Port units are also casted in the USA at the state-of-the-art Edelbrock Foundry with extra-thick walls to allow for custom CNC porting.

In most cases, seats and manganese-bronze valve guides are included, yet not installed.
Please note: these heads can not be used without professional head preparation.

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Part #: 77549

Chevy Small Block Victor 15° Small Port And Chamber Head, 45cc to 32 cc combustion chambers
Price: $631.99

Part #: 77559

Chevy Small Block Victor 23° High-Port Heads - approved for NASCAR Touring Classes, 70cc combustion chambers Bare, Each
Price: $729.04