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Cylinder Heads Complete, Performer & RPM for Fords

These street high-performance cylinder heads offer out of the box, bolt-on performance with no additional porting required. All Edelbrock Performer & RPM cylinder heads for Fords are assembled with these high-quality components: Stainless steel,one-piece swirl-polished intake and exhaust valves with under-cut stems; 2-ring positive oil control seals; rocker studs; hardened steel guide plates; valve springs, retainers and keepers.

Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads for Fords have provisions for all exhaust emissions related components and are street legal, while the Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads for Fords are for non-emission vehicles. Edelbrock Performer & RPM cylinder heads for Fords are the centerpiece of the Edelbrock Total Power Package.

Please Match Performer heads with Performer intakes and Performer RPM heads with Performer RPM manifolds for an outstanding performance combination. Edelbrock carburetors and camshafts complete the “no guesswork” Power Package.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All Edelbrock heads are sold individually (except Flatheads)- be sure to order two for your engine,

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Part #: 60069

Ford Performer RPM FE heads are direct bolt-on components for 1961-76 390-427-428 Fords
Price: $936.50

Part #: 60079

Edelbrock 60079 Performer RPM Cylinder Heads for Ford 427 FE, 76cc combustion chamber, 170cc Intake Runner Volume, 125cc Exhaust Runner Volume
Price: $936.50

Part #: 60259

Edelbrock Performer & Performer RPM Aluminum Heads for Ford 289 & 302
Price: $1,001.50

Part #: 60359

Ford 1965-95 289, 302 and 351 Windsor V8s
Price: $982.85

Part #: 8552

Edelbrock 8552 Head Bolts for Ford 289 &302
Price: $125.93