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Transkit for GM's By B&M

B&M Transkit, A B&M transmission in a box

If you've got the time, B&M has the parts to transform your automatic transmission into a full-tilt B&M performer! is The B&M Transkit is B&M's ultimate transmission kit - The B&M Transkit comes complete with full instructions on how to assemble your transmission to B&M specifications*. The B&M Transkit Includes special directions on modifying your case, pump, and other components to provide you with all the science and engineering that B&M has put into every transmission they build.

  • B&M high performance friction materials. 
  • Complete overhaul gasket set. 
  • B&M Transpak modification components including special replacement valves and springs. 
  • Drain plug kit. 
  • A B&M transmission in a box. 
  • Same quality and components used in a B&M street/strip transmission in a do-it-yourself kit. 
  • Includes all the necessary parts, springs, plates, etc., to convert your valve body to a full B&M manual/automatic vavle body. 
  • Improved shift feel, retains full automatic features.

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Part #: 30229

Transkit - Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Olds, Pontiac - '68-'81 TH-350, 375B and M38
Price: $369.95

Part #: 70233

Transkit - Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Olds, Pontiac - '87-'93 TH-700R4 (not for 4L60E) (Bushings not included with TransKits.)
Price: $499.95