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Howards Cams Max Effort Hydraulic Lifters The Max Effort high output lifters were designed specifically for higher reving applications.  Howards Cams Max Effort Hydraulic Lifters are perfect for race applications which require a hydraulic lifter or high performance street applications that need an extra edge.

91112 Chevrolet V-8 265-454
91712 Chrysler A 273-340-360, 67-up 318 and B 383-440
91212 Ford V-8 221-302, 351W, 351C–400M, 429-460

These Howards Cams Max Effort Hydraulic Lifters can show a noticeable increase of power from 5,000 rpm and up. Important: pre-load must be set at .002”-.004” (warm) to achieve performance levels.

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Howards Cams

Part #: 91112

Howards Max Effort Lifters Chevy 265-454 V8
Price: $157.70

Part #: 91212

Howards Max Effort Hydraulic Lifters Ford 221-302, 351W, 351C-400M, 429-460 V8
Price: $232.07

Part #: 91712

Howards Max Effort Hydraulic Lifter 1967-Up Chrysler A 273, 340, 360 & B 383-440
Price: $235.34