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Howards Hydraulic Max Effort Chevy SB

All Howards Hydraulic Max Effort SB Chevy Cams use the highest-grade race quality billets available. All hydraulic and mechanical Howards Cams flat tappet camshafts are 100% Rockwell checked and Parkerized to ensure the highest quality control standards available anywhere.

Howards™ Cams are manufactured on dedicated high precision cam grinding machines. All Howards Hydraulic Max Effort SB Chevy Cams are packaged and shipped in there unique, hard, high impact plastic reusable cases. This ensures that the high quality camshaft that went into the case comes out in the same condition, when delivered, as when it was packed.

  • Max Effort Cams - Race only profiles. Computer designed, dyno and track proven to produce the highest horsepower and torque for a given engine combination. Howards™ Cams has numerous profiles available.   

Howards Camshafts:

  • 100% Rockwell Checked 
  • Super Quality 
  • Hard Protective Packaging

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Performance Hydraulic Lifters  or Max Effort Hydraulic Lifters also? 

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Howards Cams

Part #: 110061-12

2600-6600 rpm .509 int .533 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 244 int 254 exh Advertised 310 int 324 exh
This Howards Max Effort cam is a Performance Competition cam that works well with a small blower or NOS.
Price: $159.13

Part #: 112401-10

3200-6800 rpm .520 int .520 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 248 int 248 exh Advertised 284 int 292 exh
This Howards Max Effort cam is made for E.T. Brackets. This cam has a strong mid and upper end power range
Price: $159.13