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Gas Tank Liner Kit/Fuel Tank Sealer Repair Kit

Northern Fuel Tank Liner kit. cleans, seals & protects metal fuel tanks. kit includes 1 qt. Northern Fuel Tank Cleaner 1 qt Northern Fuel Tank Prep and 1qt Northern Fuel Tank Liner,

The Northern Fuel Tank Liner kit.stays flexible will never crack or peel off, and is Alcohol resistant no expensive re-seals.
Seals the leaks gets the multitude of pin-holes you cant find !
The Northern Fuel Tank Liner kit is a bright blue color so you can see the results !
The Northern Fuel Tank Liner kit., covers rust and seals old rust in and prevents future rusting !

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Northern Fuel Tank Liner is resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol and other fuels or fuel additives. It is designed to
seal new or existing fuel tanks with minor leaks.

Contrary to what some people will tell you, rust does form inside gas tanks. The cause is condensation and water in the

Northern Fuel Tank Liner seals rust under the liner coating so it cannot flake off to plug fuel-line filters or cause additional damage. Further rusting is also reduced.

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Part #: RW0125-1

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Includes everything you need to clean, seal, and protect your motorcycle fuel tank.
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