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Howards Cam Camshaft and Lifter Kits Chevy Big Block

All Howards Cams use the highest-grade race quality billets available. All hydraulic and mechanical Howards Cams flat tappet camshafts are 100% Rockwell checked and Parkerized to ensure the highest quality control standards available anywhere.

Howard's Cam and Lifter Kits for Chevy BB are manufactured on dedicated high precision cam grinding machines. All Howards™ Cams are packaged and shipped in there unique, hard, high impact plastic reusable cases. This ensures that the high quality camshaft that went into the case comes out in the same condition, when delivered, as when it was packed.

  • Max Factory Cams - OEM High performance cams to improve all around performance. Many OEM factory replacement grinds available. Good fuel economy
  • Max Efficiency Cams - Low-end torque and good mileage cams. Computer friendly high vacuum grinds. Smooth idle with superior drivability and economy.
  • Max Effort Cams -  Race only profiles. Computer designed, dyno and track proven to produce the highest horsepower and torque for a given engine combination. Howards™ Cams has numerous profiles available.
  • Max Marine Cams - Marine camshafts can vary greatly depending on a wide range of applications. Exhaust systems, drives, ratios, intake systems, hull weights, designs and usage all make cam selection very important. Howards™ Cams supplies camshafts for entry level MerCruisers® to 900 SCs, as well as jet boats, V drives and blown hydros.
  • Max Torque Cams- High Performance Street & Strip, bracket racing and off road grinds. Delivers a good balance of power over a broad RPM range. Stump pulling power, yet not radical enough to be a pain for the gain

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Howards Cams

Part #: CL120021-12

800-4000 rpm .460 int .460 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 204 int 208 exh Advertised 282 int 292 exh, this Howards Max Efficiency cam has Exceptional low end torque. Good in Pick Ups, 4x4s and RVs
Price: $246.30

Part #: CL120031-12

1600-5200 rpm .502 int .525 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 215 int 225 exh Advertised 290 int 300 exh, this Howards Max Marine cam is a Great low and mid-range torque cam. and is OK in a heavy vehicle
Price: $239.65

Part #: CL120941-11

1800-5400rpm .525 int .525 exh lift Duration @.050 of 224 int 224 exh Advertised 310 int 310 exh, 111 lobe Separation Angle this Howards Max Torque cam has a Fair idle. Strong mid-range. needs lower gears, 1600+ stall. 4 barrel and headers recommended
Price: $239.65

Part #: CL122501-12

800-4000 rpm .460 int .460 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 204 int 208 exh Advertised 290 int 300 exh, this Howards Max Marine cam is a Great low end torque replacement cam, good fuel economy
Price: $239.65

Part #: CL122521-15

1800-5400 rpm .500 int .505 exh lift, Duration @.050 of 222 int 234 exh Advertised 310 int 322 exh, this Howards Max Marine cam has a Fair idle. Excellent in Performance and Marine applications
Price: $239.65