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Pontiac V8 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455

Pontiac V8 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455 engines.
Fel Pro Performance Gasket is a premium sealing system and the industry’s leading brand of replacement sealing products for Race vehicles, and heavy-duty applications. This Fel Pro Gasket specialty line is for performance, sport and marine engines.

Fel Pro Performance Gasket engineers are continually pushing ahead with new sealing science, developing problem-solving products like PermaDry Plus® rigid carrier gaskets.

The Fel Pro Performance Gaskets are the leader in multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket design, the current leading-edge technology in sealing today’s lightweight engine castings with a long-term, leak proof seal called Perma Torque MLS®.

Because Fel Pro OEM is a global producer of engine and sealing products,  Fel Pro Performance Gasket can benefit from Fel Pro’s proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components and subsystems for the world’s major automotive manufacturers. Fel Pro OEM  extensive field experience gives Fel Pro Performance, insights into the expected changes in engine components over time. Fel Pro Performance designs there aftermarket sealing parts to meet your specific needs in the Performance environment.

Fel-Pro® Performance Head Gasket line is the engine repair solution for high-performance engines. Fel-Pro® brand performance head gasket are specifically designed to handle higher compression ratios, special cam timing and higher operating temperatures. In addition, Fel-Pro® brand performance head gasket are ideal for engines that are supercharged, turbocharged or use nitrous oxide.

The Fel-Pro performance head gasket line includes:
  • PermaTorqueMLS®
  • PermaTorque® wire-ring design
  • Loc Wire®
In the brutally tough environment that typifies a performance engine, Fel-Pro performance head gaskets deliver superior sealing performance. 

Fel-Pro performance exhaust header gaskets, the performance version of an exhaust manifold gasket, resist blowout and burnout and provide good exhaust flow.

Fel-Pro performance exhaust header gaskets consist of a high-density fiber facing material attached to both sides of a perforated steel core. This design provides a durable gasket that will seal slightly warped surfaces.

Also, we use an anti-stick coating that allows the gasket to move without sustaining damage and helps the gasket accommodate the expansion and contraction of the head and headers.

Fel-Pro designs the exhaust header gaskets with “slotted” bolt holes so you can easily slip the gasket in place and then tighten the bolts. The high-density fiber retains the torque to ensure the gaskets seal

Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets must prevent air, oil and dirt from being sucked into the intake ports and prevent coolant from leaking out of the coolant ports. For performance engines, this is complicated by the variety of aftermarket cylinder heads and intake manifolds in use.

Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets have been tested for use with most all aftermarket cylinder head and intake manifold combinations. In addition, most Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets do not have a metal core, which allows engine builders to trim the gasket to ensure an exact fit on modified ports.

Fel-Pro offers a solid-core intake manifold gasket for high-vacuum race engines, as well as performance applications that have a long expected service life — i.e., street machines, marine use or tow vehicles. The solid core provides extra strength and stability, and the gaskets come in proven port shapes used in race intake gaskets.

Fel-Pro Performance Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-Pro engineers have developed a complete line of performance valve cover gaskets using a variety of technologies and materials to ensure a proper seal in performance applications.

The available options make it easy to find the ideal gasket to meet specific requirements for application suitability, features and cost.

Fel-Pro Rigid-Core Molded-Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-Pro Composite-Material Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-Pro Cork-Lam Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-Pro Rubber-Coated Fiber Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-Pro Blue Stripe Cork-Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets
Fel-CoPrene Synthetic-Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets

Fel-Pro performance rear main seals handle the unique needs of the professional racing engine builder. Fel-Pro offers special materials and design configurations optimized to perform under high crankcase vacuum conditions, elevated temperatures and high RPM levels. Racers depend on these seals for leak-free performance both on the track and on the street.

Seals are made of high-grade synthetic rubber materials, such as polyacrylate, silicone, Viton® and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), so you can choose the best high-heat and abrasion-resistant sealing characteristics for your application.
Fel-Pro Performance R.A.C.E. Gaskets: R.A.C.E.(Remainder to Assemble Complete Engine). These sets include the gaskets that, used in conjunction with oil pan gasket sets, complete lower engine service.

Each set includes the rear main bearing seals, timing cover gaskets and seals, and water and fuel-pump gaskets needed to complete the repair job.

Fel-Pro offers a wide range of R.A.C.E. gasket sets that will fit most popular performance engines.

Fel-Pro Performance Oil Pan Gaskets:
Fel-Pro offers three varieties of performance oil pan gaskets, each designed to meet the tough demands required to rebuild or repair high-performance engines.

Select a design for details about features and benefits.

Fel-Pro Rigid-Core Oil Pan Gaskets
Fel-Pro Enhanced Felcoid/Plus Oil Pan Gaskets
Fel-Pro Felcoid/Plus Oil Pan Gaskets

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Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets

Part #: 1016

This Fel-Pro Performance Head Gasket Part Number 1016 fits all excluding 326 and 350 engines and has a volume of 9.400cc and is Sold individually / Each
Price: $54.79

Part #: 1233

This Fel-Pro part Number 1233 Performance Intake Gasket fits 1965-1979 engines
Price: $22.68

Part #: 1423

This Fel-Pro part Number 1423 Performance Exhaust Header Gasket Set will not fit 1968 400 Ram Air with engines codes WU, WY, XT, XW, and 1969-1970 400 Ram Air IV, and 1971-1974 455 H.O. and Super Duty engines
Price: $27.80

Part #: 1424

This Fel-Pro part Number 1424 Performance Exhaust Header Gasket Set fits split center heads.
Price: $27.59

Part #: 1436

Exhaust Header Gasket Set, 1.88" diameter Port Size, perforated steel core with an anti-stick coating with a round port shape head.
Price: $30.88

Part #: 1622

This Fel-Pro part Number 1622 Valve Cover Gasket Set fits all excluding 400 Ram Air and 455 H.O. and Super Duty engines.
Price: $22.74

Part #: 1623

Fel-Pro part Number 1623 Valve Cover Gasket Set.
Price: $22.37

Part #: 1627

Fel-Pro part Number 1627 Valve Cover Gasket Set.
Price: $25.03

Part #: 1814

This Fel-Pro part Number 1814 Oil Pan Gasket Set fits 1959-1976 first design with 3-hole oil pan flange gaskets.
Price: $19.38

Part #: 1815

This Fel-Pro part Number 1815 Oil Pan Gasket Set fits 1976-1979 second design with 5-hole rear oil pan flange gaskets.
Price: $16.59

Part #: 2705

Timing Cover seal for 1959-1962 engines not included. Push rod cover gasket for 1959-1964 engines not included.
Price: $79.91

Part #: 2806

This Fel-Pro Performance Full Gasket Set Part Number fits 1965-1979 with open or closed crossover, excluding 326, 350, 400 Ram Air, 455 H.O. and Super Duty engines
Price: $192.12