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Moog Ball Joints

Serving as the pivot point between the tires and the suspension, ball joints also support your vehicle?s weight. On almost all newer vehicles ball joints come with lubricated fittings, so they never need to be lubed. If you happen to notice uneven tire wear, wandering, or erratic steering, it could be a sign that the ball joints are worn and in need of replacement. We stock a big selection of quality ball joints for your car, truck, SUV, or van.

The design and engineering features of Moog ball joints ensure that Moog products will deliver the performance and durability necessary to meet the demanding needs of Moog customers.  The Moog ball joint housings are forged and/or machined from a single block of fine-grain alloy steel, providing unequaled strength and durability.

Powdered-metal gusher bearings, with grease grooves, resist wear better than conventional designs. Moog’s innovative approach allows grease to flow through the bearing to the stud and provides a smooth, durable surface that extends service life. Moog’s design also transfers the load to the housing and provides strength and stability.

Patented pressed-in cover plates minimize radial and axial deflection, securing a solid-steering feel.

Moog uses premium polychloroprene and polyurethane — superior compounds that stand up to temperature extremes, dirt and abrasion — to seal the boots on Moog ball joints. In addition, the Moog ball joint boots are fitted with grease relief valves. These features help prevent contamination and allow debris to be flushed out when the ball joint is serviced.

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