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Hays Street Clutch Disc

Hays street clutch discs are designed to provide clean, smooth engagement and provide a significant performance increase without sacrificing streetability.

Hays street clutch discs feature organic friction material that is riveted to a Marcel* backing, and a sprung center hub to absorb drive-line torque, eliminating shock and vibration to ensure chatter-free engagement.
* Marcel - A crimped plate between the friction materials that acts as a shock absorber.

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Part #: 55-111

Hays Street Strip Disc 55-111, Diameter: 10.5", with a 1.125 inch x 10 spline. (1-1/8 x 10)
Price: $138.84

Part #: 55-121

Hays Street Strip Disc 55-121, Diameter: 10.5", with a 1.125 inch x 26 spline. (1-1/8 x 26)
Price: $136.12