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Crank Shaft Turning Socket

Crank Shaft Turning Socket By Proform. Engine work requires repeated crankshaft rotation. This non-marring, aluminum tool rotates the crankshaft the proper way, when the balancer is off. Making sure to have the proper size, position this socket over the end of the crankshaft, so it can be turned using a 1/2' breaker bar or driver ratchet.

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Part #: 66899

Crankshaft Turning Socket For Chevy Big Block Engines
Price: $22.78

Part #: 66900

Crankshaft Turning Socket For Ford S/B, Buick, Pontiac Engines
Price: $22.78

Part #: 66901

Crankshaft Turning Socket For Chevy S/B, V6 And GM 4-Cylinder Engines
Price: $20.12