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Part #: 10288

B&M 10288 Transmission Pan Filter GM TH350 and 250 Filter only
Price: $17.05

Part #: 20271

B&M 20271 Filter Extension For Extra Depth Transmission Pan, TH400, +2 quart pans
Price: $34.37

Part #: 20297

TH400 Kickdown Switch used when swapping the TH-400 into any vehicle, this kit makes installation of the transmission kickdown feature a snap. Mount to either a TH-700 or TH-350 throttle cable bracket
Price: $60.63

Part #: 20655

Pilot & Lug Spacer Kit for 3/8" Motor Plate for an engine/trans combination without a motorplate. Pilot & Lug Kits are included with 8” and 9” Quick 60 race converters.
Price: $50.52

Part #: 70237

B&M TH-700R4 Throttle Valve Sleeve Kickdown Kit TH-700R4 transmissions
Price: $40.37

Part #: 70244

Provides control of converter lockup through vehicle speed on GM TH-700, 200, 200-4R, 350 and 4L60 transmissions with a lockup converter
Price: $226.32

Part #: 70354

B&M 70354 Filter Extension For Extra Depth Transmission Pan, 4L60E, +3 quart pans
Price: $37.33

Part #: 80217

Powerswitch For GM Clutch Converters Application: ’81-’89 GM TH-700R4 ’81-’91 TH-2004R, 200C & 350C
Price: $62.58

Part #: 80278

This easy mounting kit included with most B&M coolers is available separately for remounts or additional cooler support. Includes 4 nylon mounting rods, 4 nylon slip-on locking nuts, and 4 sponge rubber pads.
Price: $12.40

Part #: 81020

This kit allows installation of the 81001 & 81002 shifter to fit a C-4 transmission.
Price: $91.27