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B&M Pro Stick Automatic Shifters

B&M Pro Stick Automatic Shifters The next time you happen to be around the staging lanes at your local track, take a look inside some of the race cars. You’ll notice Pro Sticks sitting in many of the cars.

The Pro Stick is B&M’s original hard core race shifter. Designed for one thing - ultimate transmission control and performance! All Pro Stick shifters use interchangeable gate plates.


The B&M Pro Stick shifter #80701 and #80706 comes equipped with a three speed forward (standard) pattern gate that works with most popular three speed automatic transmissions. To use these shifters with a reverse pattern three speed automatic transmission or a two speed automatic transmission you will need an optional gate plate.

The B&M Pro Stick shifter #80702 includes the two speed gate plate, a cable bracket and the Powerglide special lever without the throttle valve shaft hole. For use with transbrakes and full manual valve bodies only. An aluminum mounting bracket is available for the B&M Pro Stick shifter with quick release pins to allow the shifter to be removed and replaced quickly, or the shifter can be mounted directly to the floor. An aluminum housing is supplied with the  #80706 or it can be purchased separately to provide a finished look to the shifter. The housing can be used either with or without the mounting bracket.

The shifter comes equipped with a neutral safety switch, and an optional backup light switch
is available.

The part numbers for the optional products are:
Three speed reverse pattern gate plate #80710
Four speed gate plate #80712
Two Speed (Powerglide) gate plate #80713
Mounting bracket #80715
Aluminum housing #80717
Back up light switch #80609
Powerglide Cable Bracket #70469
GM PRNDL bracket/ lever kit #75498

The main mechanical components of this shifter are precision factory assembled. Any modification or disassembly of hese parts can cause shifter malfunction and will void the warranty. You should disassemble only that which is detailed in the instructions. the vehicle should be 1-2 feet off the ground for ease of installation. Jack stands, wheel ramps or a hoist will work fine. Make sure the vehicle is firmly supported. Read through these instructions before beginning installation. If you do not understand a particular step at first, go back and re-read the step before proceeding.

Warning: If your vehicle is equipped with a locking steering column, securing the column lock lever in the engine compartmentin the full up position will allow the wheel to lock and unlock but will allow the key to lock the wheel if the key is turned to “lock” while moving, or at any time. Securing the lock lever in any other position will prevent the wheel from locking at any time. If you are going to use a gate plate on the shifter, change it now. Remove the two screws and three “E” rings that hold the gate plate on. Remove the original gate plate and install the new gate plate. Replace the “E” rings and the screws.

NOTE: To use the B&M Pro Stick with a GM 4L80E or 4L85E transmission equipped with a PRNDL switch you will need the optional accessory kit #75498 otherwise you can use the GM bracket supplied.

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Part #: 80706

Pro Stick With Aluminum Cover Same as 80706 without cover. Fits Chrysler ’66 & later Torqueflite A727 & A904, Ford C4, C6 & AOD, and GM TH-400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 200-4R, 4L80E, 4L85E
Price: $409.95

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Part #: 81040

Magnum Grip Pro Stock Fits Chrysler ’66 & later Torqueflite A727 & A904, Ford C4, C6 & AOD, and GM TH-400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 200-4R, 4L80E, 4L85E
Price: $499.95

Free Ground Domestic Shipping On This Item