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After Burner Sound Engineered Mufflers

If you really want great sound and maximum horsepower, kit on the Afterburner -- and kick a little ass.
Flowtech Afterburner mufflers are your very best bet for optimum performance and awesome sound. All Afterburners are made with an aluminized case for miles and miles of rust and corrosion protection. Their fully-welded constructin offers stronger seams to prevent blow out under extreme conditions. Huge flow tubes provide blistering horsepower, while the sound tuned chambers provide unbelievable sound with no annoying resonsance. And, Afterburner mufflers are fully reversible, designed for maximum flow in either direction.

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Part #: 50320FLT

Performance Muffler with 2" offset inlet and 2" center outlet
Price: $73.21

Part #: 50330FLT

Performance Muffler with 3" Center inlet and 3" offset outlet
Price: $73.21

Part #: 50363FLT

Performance Muffler 3" Center inlet & 2 1/2" Dual crossflow Outlet
Price: $102.95