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Hydraulic Race Roller Lifters (Retro-Fit)

The latest in valve train technology. Howard Cams is pleased to offer the finest most reliable hydraulic roller tappet available. Manufactured  from 8620 heat-treated steel, Howards hydraulic roller lifters are CNC machined and then fitted with a precision check ball interval valving to prevent lifter "pump up". These features combine to provide a broader power band and increased RPM potential while still offering the low maintenance of a hydraulic arm.

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Howards Cams

Part #: 91160

Street Hi Performance Retro-Fit Roller lifters from Howards Cams.
Price: $578.84

Part #: 91161

Howard Cams 91161 Hydraulic Race Roller Lifters (Retro-Fit) for Big Block V8 396-454.
Price: $331.75

Part #: 91162

Howard Cams 91162 Hydraulic Race Roller Lifters (Retro-Fit) for Big Block Chevy 396-454 (+.300" Tall)
Price: $833.22