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Holley Marine Carburetors

All Holley Marine Carburetors are designed to meet Coast Guard specifications. A marine Carburetors fuel metering system is calibrated to compensate for unique engine loads found on boats. The J–style vent tubes direct spilt fuel/fumes back into the carburetor for safe operation while on rough waters.

Holley Marine Carburetors Feature
  • Marine "J-style" vent tubes direct fuel/fumes back into carburetor for safe operation
  • Marine calibrations compenstate for unique engine loads found on boats.
  • Power Valve Blow-out Protection
  • 100% Wet-flow tested & calibrated to ensure out of the box performance
  • Available with vacuum or mechanical secondaries in a wide variety of CFMs
  • Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments

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Part #: 0-80320-1

Holley 2300 Ford Marine 2 Barrel Carb w/ Electric Choke 300CFM
Price: $717.95

Part #: 0-80551

Holley 4160 Marine 4 Barrel Carb w/ Electric Choke 600 CFM
Price: $695.95

Part #: 0-9015-1

Holley 4 Barrel Marine Carb w/ Electric Choke 750 CFM
Price: $667.95