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Platinum Remanufactured Alternators

Platinum Remanufactured Alternators from BBB Industries meet or exceed OE standards because they're remanufactured using processes similar to the way new alternators are made. Our remanufactured alternators are built with components that are gauged, sorted, tested and renewed to OE quality specifications, and with vital new parts, too. In fact, every component and part must meet strict BBB Industries standards.

Inspection and spot testing of products from the assembly line includes a comprehensive “hot performance”  test  that  compares an alternator's performance with the OE-quality standards established for its particular applications.

The result of such attention to OE-quality is BBB Industries’ premium remanufactured alternators. They install easily, operate dependably and deliver performance that meets the high-power demands of today's vehicles.

How BBB Remanufactures an Alternator
  • Housing - Mounting threads, surfaces inspected and renewed as necessary
  • Fan - Straightened or replaced as necessary
  • Pulley - Renewed or refinished as necessary
  • Bearings - Replaced throughout
  • Shaft - Gauged and replaced as necessary
  • Rotor - Inspected, tested and balanced to OE specifications
  • Stator - Inspected and tested for rated output
  • Voltage Regulator - Tested and replaced as necessary
  • Rectifier - Load tested, replaced as necessary
  • Insulators, Brushes, Terminal Hardware - Inspected and replaced as necessary
  • Slip Ring - Gauged and renewed as necessary

BBB Industries has laboratory facilities to support engineering and quality testing of its remanufactured alternators, and production samples are “hot performance” tested. Few other remanufacturers have the capability and facilities to test products as thoroughly. Our premium remanufactured alternators are tested to ensure they always meet OE-quality standards for their specific applications.

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