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The main function of a Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly is to bear the weight of a vehicle and provide accurate rotation for power transmission.The Wheel Bearing Hub Assy. is a very important safety part which is required to bear the axial and radial load of a vehicle, strict manufacturing processes must be followed using top quality materials to ensure long term life and performance.

As vehicle manufacturers specify weight reduction in new model vehicles and for ease of assembly combined with ABS system requirements, individual components such as bearings, seals and ABS sensors have now been replaced by a complete Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly.


This GSP Hub Assembly comes with a 2 year / 40,000 mile warranty.

About the Brand

For over 20 years, GSP has been manufacturing CV Joints and Drive shafts for the global automotive market. The portfolio covers more than 4,000 applications with a production capacity of 5 million CV Joints and 2.5 million Drive Shafts per year. To this day, GSP has supplied to more than 80 countries all over the world.

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GSP Hub Assemblies

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