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Magnum & Xtreme Energy Cams, Oldsmobile 260-455ci

Xtreme Energy™ Cams
Designed to take advantage of the latest improvements in valve train components and the newest developments in camshaft design. Their aggressive lobe design produces better throttle response and top end horsepower than other cams with the same duration @ .050”, while delivering increased engine vacuum

Magnum™ Cam
These cams are very aggressive, designed for performance oriented vehicles where they will see little street use. Stock components are generally incompatible Changes are needed in rear end gear ratios, headers and the torque converter. Magnum Cams™ are available in two different lifter types:

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Part #: 42-231-4

HYDRAULIC: Good for street machine with mild stall. Use headers and lower gears.Rough idle
Price: $273.95

Part #: 42-236-4

HYDRAULIC:Street/Strip 3000+ stall, with aftermarket manifolds, lower gears, increased compression. Very rough idle.
Price: $243.95

Part #: 42-237-4

HYDRAULIC: Pro street / bracket Race cam, good for large engines with 3500 stall and low gears. Radical idle.
Price: $273.95

Part #: 42-308-4

HYDRAULIC: Great performance with stock converter. Needs low gear in small engines, likes headers. Mild rough idle.
Price: $273.95