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Mr. Gasket Speciality Products are Hard to find tools and products from automotive spcialist - Mr. Gasket.

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Mr Gasket

Part #: 4362

The kit contains one tapered cutting stone, one 1" diameter mini grind-flex flat wheel, thirty-one grind-polishing rolls (assorted sizes) and three various length mandrels
Original Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $55.99

Part #: 5192

Contains nine (9) assorted brushes per kit. Brush diameters range from 1 /4 " to 5".
Price: $59.95

Part #: 8022G

Mr Gasket safety wire is made of .032" diameter 304 stainless steel and comes in one-pound cans
Price: $27.28

Part #: 8023G

Safety Twist Pliers you get three tools in one with Mr Gaskets spring loaded, automatic return, safety wire pliers. You get a cutter, wire twister and a heavy duty pair of pliers.
Price: $65.95