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Mr Gasket's Harmonic Balancer Bolts

Mr Gasket's Harmonic Balancer Bolts are made from grade 8 alloy material and heat treated for superior strength, these harmonic balancer bolts feature a high hex head to prevent socket slippage while rotating the engine. An extra thick, parallel ground washer is provided to allow for a more accurate, uniform torque. Black plated finish, complete with split lock washer to prevent loosening caused by vibration.

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Mr Gasket

Part #: 7845

Harmonic Balancer Bolts Chevy SB 283-400
Price: $22.73

Part #: 7846

Harmonic Balancer Bolts Chevy 396-454 B/B, 1/2"-20 x 1 1/2"
Price: $24.15

Part #: 7847

Harmonic Balancer Bolts Ford all V8 except 351C, 5/8"-18 x 2"
Price: $31.11