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Northern Auto Parts provides high-quality AMC-Jeep engine rebuild kits and auto parts to customers around the globe. We only carry high-end, tested, and affordable engine rebuild kits for the models you need. 

We have selected quality, AMC-Jeep engine parts components with many options and upgrades.  If there is an option or upgrade that you do not see, please call us with your requirements, and we would be happy to help.

Start your AMC-Jeep parts search below and choose your engine rebuild kit below.

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AMC 2.5L 1983-1990 excludes Premier
AMC 2.5L 1991-1993
AMC 2.5L Vin P 1994-1995
AMC 2.5L Vin P and H, 1996-1999
AMC 232 1964-1979
AMC 258 1971-1980
AMC 258 1981-1990
AMC 290 1967-1969
AMC 304 1970-1978
AMC 360 1970-1993
AMC 360-Z Jeep
AMC 390 1968-1969
AMC 390 1970
AMC 401 1971-1978
AMC Jeep 134 L Head 1946-1961
AMC Jeep 134 L Head 1962-1964
AMC/Jeep 304 1979-1981
Buick 225 V6 1964-1971
Chrysler / Jeep 3.7 Vin K 2002-2004
Chrysler 4.7L Vin N 2000-2001 Engine Kits
Chrysler 4.7L Vin N 2002-2007 Engine Kits
Chrysler/ Jeep 318 1994-1996
Dodge Chrysler 5.7 Hemi MDS lifters
Dodge Ram HEMI 5.7 6.1L Roller Lifter NON MDS
Fel Pro Head Gasket PLUS Head Bolts Jeep 4.0 1987
Fel Pro Severe Duty Head Gasket PLUS Head Bolts J
Jeep 134 F Head 1953 to 1971
Jeep 3.8-1L 2007-2008
Jeep 4.0L 1987-1991
Jeep 4.0L 1993-1994
Jeep 4.0L 1995
Jeep 4.0L 1996-1998
Jeep 4.0L 1999-2000
Jeep 4.0L Vin S 2001-2003
Jeep 4.0L Vin S 2004-2006