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Airtex 2X1447 Spark Plug Wire Set
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Airtex 2X1447 Spark Plug Wire Set

Part #: 2X1447
List Price: $52.31
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Ignition wires deliver the high voltage produced by the coil(s) to each spark plug. However, they are not the only wire utilized on a vehicle. Today's vehicles have several on-board computers that are multiplexed together to form an intricate web of primary wire. They also have sophisticated battery cables, ground straps, and fusible links that deliver the voltage and high amperage necessary to start the engine.

Airtex Premium Ignition Wire sets are the preferred brand of Ignition Wires.
  • Silicone jacketed wires and silicone spark plug boots are used on most late model vehicles with electronic ignition
  • This wire is resistant to high temperatures and the deterioration effects of moisture, oil grease, gasoline ozone, chemicals and abrasions.
  • Specially designed fiberglass reinforced braiding
  • Reduces RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)