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Clean Tools The Absorber Synthetic Chamois
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Clean Tools The Absorber Synthetic Chamois

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The absorber is a little miracle. More absorbent than a towel…less expensive than a chamois… and professionally proven to dry without scratching. You'd be left high and, well, not dry, without it.

The absorber is not leather chamois. Nor is terry cloth towel. But it's probably the best drying tool you'll ever discover. The secret of it's effectiveness is it's amazing sponge-like pore structure that enhances the capillary action and gives it superb absorbency. It may take some getting used to. Don't be afraid to experiment a little. You can't hurt it. Some people like to spread it out and pull it over the surface. Some like to use it folded like a pad. Others like to use it bunched up loosely in their hands. If your absorber is not clean when you put it away it might acquire an odor, or even mildew. 

If this happens it will not affect the absorber itself. Just wash it with your regular wash using liquid detergent and ammonia. If soap residue remains, just rinse with a little vinegar. Soaking is not necessary. Absorbs moisture quicker and faster than other methods. Can be used on cars, boats, motorcycles and more! Holds 50% more water than a chamois.