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ARP Ultra-Torque .05 fluid oz
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ARP Ultra-Torque .05 fluid oz

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ARP Ultra-Torque .05 fluid oz gets you within 5% of the required pre-load on the first pull and stays consistent with each subsequent cycle – race prep, machining, pre-assembly and final assembly!

ARP Ultra-Torque was developed to:

  • Be more consistent  with - Ultra-Torque
  • Be more repeatable  - Ultra-Torque
  • Have no harmful contaminants 
  • Use ARP Ultra-Torque and achieve the target preload ON THE FIRST TORQUE CYCLE
ARP Ultra-Torque is Specifically designed as a fastener assembly lubricant for high performance engines

To find out why ARP Ultra-Torque is so popular NOW.
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ARP Ultra-Torque PDF

ARP Ultra-Torque
  • The most repeatable fastener assembly lubricant ever made
  • Correct fastener preload is critical to performance
  • ARP Ultra-Torque is the key to consistent preloads

The Preload Problem

  • A fastener must be installed to the correct preload in order to function correctly – so that it acts like a spring
  • The preload obtained from using a torque wrench is directly influenced by friction
  • Currently, fasteners must be cycled 6-8 times in an attempt to stabilize friction that can cause incorrect preload values
What People Use Now
  • The three most popular fastener assembly lubricants are oil, moly-based lubes and Extreme Pressure Lube (EPL)
  • Oil is considered the auto industry standard
  • Moly assembly lubes were developed to further reduce friction and provide a common lube on which to base torque values
  • EPL is an industrial lubricant that was not intended to be used as a fastener assembly lube
ARP Ultra-Torque was developed to:
  • Be more consistent
  • Be more repeatable
  • Have no harmful contaminants
  • And achieve the target preload ON THE FIRST TORQUE CYCLE
Brand ARP
Part Type Assembly Lubricant
Product Line ARP Ultra Torque Assembly Lubricant
Quantity Sold individually.
Volume .05 fluid oz.