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Auto Dolly M998054 Engine Dolly Attachment
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Auto Dolly M998054 Engine Dolly Attachment

Part #: M998054
List Price: $135.50
Our Price: $67.75
You Save: $67.75

Available to fit a Standard or Heavy Duty Auto Dolly (please specify) the Engine Dolly Attachment allows a single person to easily move an engine (or engine/transmission combo) in any direction with precision. 

Engine Dolly Attachment Features and Benefits
  • Turns a single Auto Dolly into a highly moveable engine/transmission dolly
  • "Gentle-V" design provides self-centering stability
  • Free up storage space in your garage or shop: Easily move engines aside, even under a workbench
  • Faciliates shop or garage orderliness and efficient floor cleaning
  • Works on Standard Auto Dolly (match your caster size). 12" or 16" Dolly recommended
  • Polyurethane casters won't mar floors
  • Low profile, very rugged steel
  • Durable painted finish
Engine Dolly Attachment View 1
Engine Dolly Attachment View 2
Engine Dolly Attachment In Use

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