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H350KHW30 - Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flattop Pistons 4.030

Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flattop Pistons 4.030" bore with Rings H345dcp30

Part #: H350KHW30
List Price: $400.11
Our Price: $177.38
You Save: $222.73

Hypereutectic Flattop Pistons with Cast Rings to match for 350 Chevy 4.030" bore.  

Pistons can be used as presssed or full floating assembly... purchase of LR63 required for floating assy.

Sealed Power® DD P™ Pistons
Sealed Power® Digital Diamond Profiled™ Pistons are perfect for engine builders looking for ways to build a cleaner-burning, longer-lasting vintage Chevy SB engine. This advanced piston technology lets rebuilders equip this popular engine with the ultimate in modern piston materials and engineering – while still keeping that classic engine “classic.” Sealed Power

DDP Pistons feature:

  • DDP™ Technology: Digital actuated diamond turning process produces precision skirt profiles.
  • Barrel profile: Creates an oil wedge between the skirt and cylinder wall.
  • Thermal Arching Compensation™ (TAC) Ring Groove Geometry: Machined uptilt offsets thermal “arching” distortion; squares the ring face to the cylinder.
  • Next generation DUROSHIELD® coating: Reduces friction and wear.
  • Precision-machined pin bores: Accommodate fixed or floating wrist pin installation.

Ring dimensions 5/64, 5/64, 3/16
Flat Top; 4 valve reliefs
Compression dist 1.548"
Deck Clearance .025
Skirt Clearance .0010