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Exhaust Header Gasket 1.43" x 2.12" Port Size
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Exhaust Header Gasket 1.43" x 2.12" Port Size

Part #: 1485
List Price: $50.66
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Exhaust Header Gasket Set, 1.43" x 2.12" Port Size, perforated steel core with an anti-stick coating.

This Fel-Pro part Number 1485 Performance Exhaust Header Gasket Set fits 1966-1969 14-bolt cylinder heads and 390 GT heads, and 1966-1967 428 Thunderbird with 10 bolt holes in gasket.



Exhaust Header Gaskets

An exhaust header is the performance version of an exhaust manifold. Usually made of lightweight tubular steel, an exhaust header is shaped to provide good exhaust flow with very little back pressure. The flange on an exhaust header is exposed to exhaust gas temperatures as high as 1600° F. As a result of the high temperatures and lightweight construction, flanges on headers can easily warp. Frequent disassembly of performance engines can further contribute to warpage. This becomes a truly brutal environment for a gasket.

Fel-Pro Performance exhaust header gaskets consist of a high-density fiver facing material attached to both sides of a perforated steel core. This technology resists blowout and burnout from high-temperature exhaust and is far stronger than the basic paper gaskets sold by competitors. This design also provides a durable gasket that also seals slightly warped surfaces. The high-density fiber material has excellent torque retention qualities.

Since the headers run hotter than the cylinder head, the two expand and contract at different rates. This causes a scrubbing motion on the gasket, which can eventually damage the gasket and cause it to fail. An anti-stick coating on these gaskets permits motion without damaging the gasket. In addition, this coating makes it easier to remove the gasket for future engine service.

Fel-Pro Performance exhaust header gaskets also have "slotted" bolt holes to allow for easier header installation. The exhaust header can be "hung" on a few bolts or studs, then the gasket can be slipped into place, and the rest of the bolts assembled.

Brand Fel-Pro Performance
Gasket Material Steel core laminate
Part Type Exhaust Header/Manifold Gaskets
Port Height (in) 1.430 in.
Port Style Rectangular
Port Width (in) 2.120 in.
Product Line Fel-Pro Performance Exhaust Header Gasket Sets
Quantity Sold as a set.
Thickness (in) 0.060 in.

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