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Holley Avenger Carburetor Tech Info

Holley Avenger Carburetor Tech Info

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Introducing the greatest thing to happen to off-road trucks since four-wheel drive: the Holley Truck Avenger carburetor!

The award-winning Holley Truck Avenger carburetor is the first carburetor designed from the "flange-up" as an off-road carburetor. No other carburetor comes close to the Truck Avenger's ability to offer peak performance at extreme vehicle attitudes over rough terrain, and lightning-quick stump-pulling low speed response for towing and mud-bogging.


  • Precision engineered by Holley specifically for the demands of the truck enthusiast.
  • Exclusive New "No Trouble" metering block eliminates fuel spillover through the boosters at extreme angles. Flood-free operation up to 40 degrees while climbing and 30 degrees during side hill maneuvers and "nose down" descents. This allows you to off-road in confidence with out the annoying hesitations, stalling and flooding typically associated with carbs in an off road environment.
  • New Annular Boosters provide incredible low and mid range throttle response and torque.
  • Exclusive dichromate finish is built for durability and good looks without the maintenance of a polished carb.
  • Externally adjustable, "No Trouble" spring loaded needle and seats promote stable fuel levels for improved fuel control under all conditions.
  • Square fuel bowls provide precise fuel control and maintain classic Holley look.
  • Single fuel inlet banjo fitting for "Bolt on and Go" simplicity.
  • New Viton fuel transfer tube seals ensure leak proof operation.
  • Exclusive New "No Trouble" one-piece vent tube eliminates fuel spillover from the vent tubes during extreme maneuvers and lends a tough performance appearance to the carb.
    Includes clear sight plugs for easy float setting, quick-change vacuum secondary cap and electric choke for "No Trouble" operation.
  • Four vacuum ports included for easy accessory hookup.
  • Designed for the off-road enthusiast but works equally well in street truck applications.
  • Packaged in attractive New Truck Avenger box to complement existing Street Avenger styled packaging for easy plan-o-gram layout.
  • Model 4150 w/ side hung floats
  • Electric choke
  • Quick-change vacuum secondary
  • Spring-loaded needle and seat assemblies
  • Ford A/T kickdown
  • Power valve blow-out protection
  • 4 Vacuum ports (PCV, power brake, spark, accessories)
  • High vacuum signal primary annular boosters
  • One-piece, off-road fuel bowl vent tube design
  • 100% wet-flow tested and calibrated