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Lubriplate C105 No. 105 white Motor Assembly Grease L0034-094
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Lubriplate C105 No. 105 white Motor Assembly Grease L0034-094

Part #: C105
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Lubriplate Motor Assembly Grease Perfect for Engine Assembly 10 oz Tube  Lubriplate #L0034-094

Description: LUBRIPLATE No. 105 is a white, waterproof, NLGI No. 0, grease type lubricant possessing exceptional anti-seize properties and recommended extensively for coating all moving parts for motor assembly and rebuilding.

The suggested procedure is to apply LUBRIPLATE No. 105 as a light coating by means of a brush or swab to all moving parts of the engine. This will include such applications as valve stems, pistons, rings, timing gears, main and rod bearings, and, in fact, every moving part of the internal combustion or diesel engine. This is to take place prior to assembly.

This procedure will eliminate corrosion and seizure after the initial start. It is a proven fact that when an engine is first started up, there is a short period before the oil in the crankcase can properly lubricate the entire working mechanism. During this period, high heats are developed and scoring of the moving parts take place. A thin film of LUBRIPLATE No. 105 has sufficient anti-seize properties to overcome this condition and, after the oil starts to circulate throughout the system, this light coating of LUBRIPLATE No. 105 dissipated into the oil with no deleterious results. Many motor rebuilders throughout the country, as well as manufacturers of original equipment, are following this procedure.