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MSG Ignition Programmable Digital-7 Plus CD Igniton
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MSD Ignition

MSG Ignition Programmable Digital-7 Plus CD Igniton

Part #: 7531
List Price: $2,395.90
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These Programmable Digital-7 CD Plus ignitions from MSD have an output power and Individual Cylinder Management timing system that are hard to beat. At the heart of these ignitions is a 15 MHz micro-controller that analyzes and manages every trigger signal. Their capacitive discharge circuits and state-of-the-art IGBT coil drivers work together to deliver a potent spark that can easily handle high cylinder pressures.

Below 3,300 rpm, a series of sparks burn in the cylinder over 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation, producing a smooth idle with great throttle response. You can control all of this spark energy through an array of timing and rpm programs. These programs include: Individual cylinder timing that can program up to 10 degrees per cylinder in .1 degree increments, a launch retard that lets you retard the timing up to 15 degrees for 0-2.5 seconds after the launch, a launch timing curve, and a run curve enabling you to plot a timing curve in .1 degree increments per 100 rpm.

They also feature a three-step retard, a gear retard that can retard timing up to 5 degrees with every gear change, a start retard, three rev limiters, a shift light, and an rpm-activated window switch. You can also map a complete timing curve for every gear, set stage retards to ramp timing, see updated X-Y plots with interpolation for smooth changes, view all ignition events in a new Launch History window, acquire 20 seconds of run data including two seconds prior to launch, program an rpm that is ramped in during the launch, and select vacuum advance and boost retard through a MAP sensor. They can be used on 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engines, and are supplied with the Pro-Data Plus software, PC harness, vibrations mounts, and wiring. An optional hand-held MSD Programmer Monitor is available separately.

Brand MSD Ignition
CD Voltage Output to Coil 535 V
Circuitry Digital
Coil Included No
Current Draw 1.1 amps per 1,000 rpm
Data Acquisition No
Height (in) 2.250 in.
Ignition Box Color Gold
Ignition Box Output Capacitive discharge
Length (in) 9.500 in.
Maximum Operating Voltage 18 V
Minimum Operating Voltage 12 V
Notes Requires MAP sensor for the boost circuit.
Part Type Ignition Boxes
Product Line MSD Programmable Digital-7 Plus CD Ignitions
Quantity Sold individually.
Rev Limiter Yes
Spark Output (millijoules) 190 Millijoules
Timing Retard Three-stage
Warranty One-year warranty
Width (in) 4.500 in.