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12V Jump Starter Power Bank W1677
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12V Jump Starter Power Bank W1677

Part #: W1677
List Price: $248.12
Price: $84.86
You Save: $163.26

Jump start a vehicle 20 times or more on a full charge
Supports 12V vehicle jump start and charges most electronics such as: cell phones, media players, PDA, laptops and more
Includes home and car chargers and adaptors for most popular cell phone and laptops
Charge multiple devices simultaneously
VOLTAGE-SMART SAFETY CLAMPS - Automatically shut-off prevents sparking, reverse polarity or battery damage
Non-sparking technology provides an additional level of safety, LED indicator detects if clamps are connected correctly
Lithium battery provides longer shelf life
19V output to recharge laptop computers
12V output for vehicle jump and other 12V automotive devices
5V USB port charge various model cell phones
Built-in LED with multiple lighting mode options (Light, strobe, S.O.S.)
Specs: 15V 1A Input; 5V @ 1.8A, 12V @ 6A-10A; 19V @ 2A-2.5A Output; 11000Mah Capacity; 4 hour Charging Time; 200 AMP Starting Current; 400 AMP Peak Current
Operating temperature: -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C), Storage temperature: 50 to 77F (10 to 25C)
WARNING: To avoid injury and/or damage to your vehicle, do not connect the red and black clamps together. Be sure clamps are connected to the correct terminals on the dead battery.