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Melling MPL-201 Engine Prelube Tank System "Stainless"
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Melling MPL-201 Engine Prelube Tank System "Stainless"

Part #: MPL201
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NEW DESIGN !               MPL201 

The newest addition to Melling’s offering is a pre-lube tank.  This design is necessary because of the inability to prime the oiling system in today’s modern engine with the oil pump mounted over the crankshaft. The most popular use is for the GM LS engines including 4.8 L  5.3 L  6.0 L and 6.2 L.  Also, the Ford Modular engines 4.6L and 5.4L and others. We did not need this in older engines because you could use the tools provided by Melling and a common drill to turn the pump and prime the system.

Here are some more details about the tank:

  • The size of the whole unit is about ½ the size of your gas grill propane tank.
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Normal engine oil is used to fill the tank. (use the oil that will be used to break in the engine)
  • The tank will hold 4 quarts maximum. Usually, 3 quarts is sufficient to fill the engine. The tank even has a dipstick.
  • The tank is then pressurized using your air compressor.
  • Included with the unit are the most popular two adaptors to fit most engines. 1/8th x 1/8th and 1/8th x ¼ are the two sizes included.
  • The adaptor is installed on the engine and then screwed to the hose from the tank.
  • The fill vale is turned and in a very short period of time oil will be flowing from the valvetrain area of the engine. The prime is complete.
  • Fill the engine with oil, complete the build and start an engine that will live for a long time. You will not suffer from dry starts.