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Jeep Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit
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Jeep Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

Part #: 18676.60
List Price: $555.52
Our Price: $277.76
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The Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip-Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE) includes a redesigned transfer case mainshaft ! Which is not only shorter but has an much larger spline diameter then stock, Giving you a Wicked increase in torque capacity.

Reduce driveline vibration on lifted vehicles with this Heavy Duty Slip-Yoke Eliminator Kit for Jeep's NP231J transfer case. Transfer case tailshaft length is reduced by 6.5" on '97-'01 Wranglers and 4.25" on '88-'95 models resulting in improved driveline angles.
Replaces Part Number 52231

This Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip-Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE)  also called a Driveshaft Angle Reduction Kit Fixed Yoke kit (DARK Fixed Yoke kit) has been installed in hundreds of V8 equipped Wranglers (small block and big block) to date without a single shaft failure

Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip-Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE) will eliminate the need to drop your transfer case in order to avoid drive train vibrations that are caused by taller suspension lift. The purpose of this kit is to replace the slip yoke portion of the NP231 with a fixed-yoke, CV-style drive shaft assembly. Some models may require shortening the transfer case mode shift rail, and a new cv-style rear drive shaft will be required after installation of this kit.
This is the most complete and strongest kit available

Installation Instructions: Download PDF

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Rear Output Housing w/ plug
Rear Output Bearing
Rear Output Seal
Rear Output Yoke and nut
Main Output Shaft
Speedometer Drive Gear
Snap Ring for Speedometer Gear-QTY: 2
Rear Output Bearing Snap Ring
Snap Ring for Mode Gear
Front Output Spline Seal
Rear Output Spline Seal

NOTE: Some early NP231 produced from 1987 – 1990 have the vacuum switch for the front axle disconnect housed in the rear output shaft housing. This kit is supplied with a new housing that does not allow for the vacuum switch to be reused for this applications. It will be necessary to purchase a cable operated disconnect manufactured by 4x4 Posi-Lock or replace the front passenger side axles with later solid axle shafts.