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Pioneer 811006 Teflon® Valve Stem Oil Seals

Pioneer 811006 Teflon® Valve Stem Oil Seals

Part #: 811006
List Price: $55.95
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Pioneer Metal Teflon® valve stem oil seals for SB Chevy with .375" Stem Diameter and .530" Guide.

Patented Metal Enclosed Teflon® Seal
When installed correctly this seal is in actual physical contact with the valve guide and valve stem.
Becomes an integral part of the head and will not loosen or pop off.
Approximately 1/32" of virgin Teflon® makes contact with the valve stem.
A stainless steel garter spring gives positive 360° contact.
Packaged 16 per card.

May require maching of the valve guide to ensure a proper fit, installer must match valve stem oil seal to appropriate valve stem and valve guide diameters. Necessary for most Dual valve spring applications.