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Sealed Power Cam & Lifter Lube 4 oz bottle
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Sealed Power Cam & Lifter Lube 4 oz bottle

Part #: 55-400
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Sealed Power Cam & Lifter Lube 4 oz bottle

Insufficient lubrication is one of the most common causes of camshaft failure during the initial start-up. If the valve train components are not properly pre-lubricated, they can be damaged within the first few revolutions of the camshaft. Once the damage has occurred, no amount of lubrication will prevent the impending breakage of these parts. The use of a high quality break-in lube such as Sealed Power Cam & Lifter Lube as you reassemble the engine will help stop that damage.

Cam & Lifter Lube has an extreme pressure lubricant rating and excellent adhesion quality. It will help prevent scuffing and galling during the initial start-up caused by the high loads placed on lifters and components. The adhesion quality also will prevent the lubricant from draining off the components during engine assembly. Cam & Lifter Lube is functionally equivalent to all OEM pre-lubricants.

DO NOT  use Motor oil  as a prelube. Motor oil has a tendency to drain off from engine parts to rapidy. Plus the light Motor oil  film that remains is insufficient to protect the camshaft or other components during the initial high pressure break-in period.